Preschool Squad Gymnastics Program

We know it is important to continually recognize athletes for their progress. The Squad Program classes are invitational gymnastics classes that provide our gymnasts with the opportunity to train in a ‘team’ environment with similarly talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic gymnasts. The Squad Program is voluntary. There is only one criteria to being on a squad: “Sticking with it!”

Sweet Peas Squad

invite only

Sweet Peas Squad classes are for students who have experience in our Sweet Peas gymnastics program. These Squad classes are one hour long, meeting one time each week. These classes are taught in the Sweet Peas gym on the specialized preschool equipment.  Students are invited to our Squad program when they demonstrate the following indicators:

1) a fundamental understanding of the gymnastics concepts and skills in their level

2) demonstrate appropriate social behavior (ex: sharing with friends; waiting their turn; following instructions; staying with their class; etc)

3) can start and finish class independently.

Star Squad

invite only

Star Squad classes are 75 minutes long, meeting one time each week. These classes are taught in the big gym on competitive-sized equipment. Star Squad is designed to provide a higher level of gymnastics training to young gymnasts who have demonstrated a commitment to and aptitude for gymnastics.

A Star Squad athlete will experience being part of a ‘team’ and will begin to learn the benefits of working with a group to achieve common goals. Star Squad classes serve as a valuable transition between Sweet Peas gymnastics classes and AGA Gymnastics Competitive Teams.