Gymnastics & Tumbling Programs

Our research-based curriculum uses age-appropriate instruction on beams, bars, floors, and vaults to help your little one grow – not just physically, but mentally and socially too! Preschool Classes are like mini-adventures, with clear goals and achievements designed to keep your child engaged and learning.

We know it is important to continually recognize athletes for their progress. The Squad Program classes are invitational gymnastics classes that provide our gymnasts with the opportunity to train in a ‘team’ environment with similarly talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic gymnasts. The Squad Program is voluntary. There is only one criteria to being on a squad: “Sticking with it!”

» Twinkler Squad «

» Star Squad «

This instructional program is designed for girls in 1st grade and up. It's the perfect place to build strength, coordination, and confidence while learning gymnastics skills.

Are you looking for a fun way for your child to build strength, coordination, and confidence? Look no further than tumbling classes! Our programs cater to both boys and girls, with separate classes for Levels 1 through 4. This ensures all students are challenged at an appropriate level, while also allowing them to progress at their own pace. Sign your child up today and watch them develop into tumbling superstars!

AGA American Gymnastics Academy Competitive Team is open to girls who have mastered our Instructional curriculum. This program begins with a developmental team and requires invitation. Be sure to be in constant contact with your child’s recreational coach if Team is something that you are interested in! This will allow for the coach to focus on preparing your child for their competitive future. AGA’s Team continues the gymnastics progression from the Instructional program with a further emphasis on strength, technique, and conditioning.

» PreTeam «

» Xcel «

» Development Program «